Animal burglary protection – this is how you can effectively protect your property with a guard dog

Most owners consider their dogs part of the family. For them, dogs are more than just pets. In fact, the four-legged friends are also a means of effectively protecting yourself against burglars – especially in combination with the appropriate security technology. Although there are no precise statistics on the increased security of the home by keeping a dog, for many people the dog is considered the best protection against burglary. But it depends, because the four-legged friend has to learn who is an admitted guest and who is a criminal. So a guard dog can actually be a good means of deterring intruders, as it can deter the perpetrators by barking and thereby warn the residents at the same time. But deterring them is not enough, because there is also the possibility that the dog will bite and injure the perpetrator, but the burglars are reluctant to accept these risks.
Professional guard dogs are specially trained for this purpose and can also be engaged in the non-profit sector, for example to track down missing people. But the colloquial watchdog is any dog ​​that you park in your apartment or in the garden to watch out for. What it actually brings depends on the dog and its level of dressage. There is also another problem, namely that dogs can also be bribed. That is why a dog with strong territorial behavior is needed for proper protection. The dog must be taught the difference between whether someone is entering the apartment without permission or has been allowed in. The basis for this is absolute obedience. In this area, the German Shepherd is the absolute classic.

Guard dogs require training and proper training

If you want to rely on your dog to protect against burglars, you have to teach the dog how to protect its property. Should he only refuse entry by barking or should he bite straight away? The latter could be problematic under certain circumstances, because if the dog bites it is considered dangerous according to state law. In the event of multiple offenses, he may have to be put to sleep. Nevertheless, the dog should appear as dangerous as possible to the intruder. Mock break-in situations, in which the dog guards a basket within a circle, for example, are best suited for training. When a person approaches the circle, the dog should bark – and possibly also bite when entering the circle. Despite good training and a high level of trust, you should not trust the dog alone. It is important to rely on technical support at the same time. In combination with a watchdog, the switched on light is good protection. When it comes to animal burglary protection, obedience and territorial behavior of the dog are the most important factors, because the dog must know whether its owner is expecting intruders or attacks. A certain relationship work should be in the foreground in everyday life, which is especially important for watchdogs. After all, they shouldn’t bark at everything that moves, but need a clear structure as to when and how they should act. Of course, the bond between humans and animals is also of great importance here. After all, not every dog ​​is suitable for training as a guard or guard dog, but there are basically certain breeds that are used as guard dogs – such as the German Shepherd Dog, Doberman, Owtscharkas or Malinois.

Geese as an alternative to the guard dog

Quite unconventional, but still found in many courtyards, gardens, but also in apartments – are geese. The little guards are considered to be absolutely reliable when it comes to making noise and noise in the event of danger. And compared to the dog are also really incorruptible. For this reason, geese are often used in private facilities to report intruders with loud calls and at the same time to deter intruders. After all, the small animals have been known as good guardians for centuries, but this protective measure would probably not work very well in an apartment building or apartment. However, geese are still popular for protecting homes and courtyards, because they have highly developed eyesight, thanks to which they can also observe and monitor large areas. As soon as an unknown person approaches, they respond with loud chatter. In contrast to dogs, they are difficult to bribe, are frugal and are content with garden and kitchen waste. A small disadvantage, however, is that geese need contact with their peers and therefore have to be kept in pairs. Furthermore, a pair of geese needs up to 400 square meters to run.
An interesting piece of information by the way: the goose achieved its legendary fame because it betrayed Saint Martin’s hiding place with loud chatter and ended up in the saucepan. Since then, martingans have been on the menu in autumn even now.

In the case of animal burglary protection, pay attention to motion detectors with animal immune function

Optimal burglary prevention begins on the property, because the earlier burglars are detected, the less damage they can cause. Animal burglary protection is only particularly effective in combination with the appropriate security technology. So that there is no false alarm and the alarm system is not activated by animal movement, it is important to rely on motion detectors with an animal-immune function or selective alarm suppression. Such motion detectors only react to living beings with a certain mass, so that they are not activated immediately in animals.
Many dog ​​owners assume that their animal friend is sufficient to protect against burglars and that they do not need an alarm system – but that is a mistake. Especially when the dog is part of the family on vacation and regularly goes for a walk, the property and your own apartment often remain unguarded. This is the perfect time for burglars to strike. After all, you can’t keep your own dog on the property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alarm systems and other security solutions are therefore an excellent addition so that the dog can also get free.

The interaction between technology and animals produces the best results

However, the interaction between technology and animals makes special demands, so different motion detectors with animal immune function are required. This enables excellent burglary protection for households with dogs. Thanks to the modular alarm systems, the alarm system can be tailored to meet personal requirements. The motion detectors only react to the movement of heat from people and pets can move freely around the house and garden without triggering a false alarm despite the security technology being switched on. The security expert can install such a burglar alarm system in a few hours.
If the motion detectors are advertised as “animal-immune motion detectors”, these are in most cases infrared motion detectors. Such motion detectors contain a sensitive temperature measuring device that detects any heat radiation. If the room is entered by a person, there is a difference between the heat radiation from the person and the heat radiation from the background, which triggers the alarm. Accordingly, there are no motion detectors that can distinguish animals from people. With so-called animal-immune motion detectors, the lower detection area is less sensitive or is completely blanked out. Accordingly, this means that pets can still trigger an alarm if they come too close to the motion detector. Analogously, this also means that a person may not be recognized or only recognized with a delay if they are in the limit range of the range or crawling over the floor.

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